Strong @ Home for Women

Strong @ Home for Women

Your 8 and 16-week at-home progressive strength training plan, coaching and community for women who want REAL results & to get stronger from the inside out! Watch this video and meet your coach, Lunden.

This program is for YOU if you're ready to...

Get Stronger

Get stronger, build a foundation of lean muscle tissue and boost your endurance and motivation right from home in only 8-16 weeks!

Show Up Consistently

Unlock what your health & fitness routine has been missing and drop that “all or nothing” mindset so you can get results that last!

Exercise @ Home

Learn how to safely progress exercises at home or at the gym, train effectively and get stronger faster!

Reboot Your Motivation

Find your key to unlock your motivation. Reignite and reboot your mindset so you never feel like you're “starting over” again.

Take Action!

Be equipped with powerful tools so you can drop the excuses and actually take action (you can’t do it without you!)

Feel Good.

It's time to stop chasing only looks and step into what it actually FEELS like to FEEL YOUR BEST!

Choose your Plan


8 Week Plan ONLY

8 Week Dumbbell-Only Workout Plan


16 Week Plan + VIP ALL ACCESS coaching

WK 1-8: Dumbbells only / WK 9-16: Dumbbells & bands

8 Week Plan Overview
(vip unlocks 8 additional bonus weeks!)

Week #1

Finding your why

Week #2

The KEYS You’re Missing To Set Yourself Up For Success

Week #3

Let’s talk about rest, baby!

Week #4

Motivation & Consistency (how to make it stick!)

Week #5

Reconnecting with your WHY

Week #6

Working out & mental health

Week #7

Working out & female hormones

Week #8

The ‘Big R’ (so you never have to “start over” again!)


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About Us

Meet Our Co-Creators​

Lunden Souza

Lunden Souza

Co-creator of #strongathome4women & your main coach in this program.
Click here for bio

Ella Caggiano

Ella Caggiano

Co-creator of #strongathome4women and host of our incredible Nutrition Masterclass.
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Sarah Moe

Sleep Health Expert. Founder & CEO of Sleep Health Specialists. Sleep to optimize fitness, recovery & to live optimally in everything you do. @sarahsleepzzz

Jana Danielson

Pelvic Floor Specialist & Pilates Instructor, Creator of the Cooch Ball, the world’s first patented pelvic floor fitness tool for women. Amazon best selling author & award-winning wellness entrepreneur. @thecoochball

Aubrie Pohl

NLP & Human Communication Specialist. Founder of Life Through Leadership NLP Academy @itsaubrieee

Jessica durbin

Financial Wellness Coach, Bookkeeper & Tax Preparer. You're going to LOVE the Financial Wellness Masterclass. Budget smart, get out of debt and set your plan for financial freedom. @mrs_jessica_durbin


Here are your top FAQs about the Strong At Home for Women 8 Week Dumbbell-Only Workout Plan

YES! VIP ALL ACCESS is ultimately the best way to go if you really want to uplevel not only in your fitness, but in your life. It’s a one-time payment and you’ll continue to get helpful tools every 3 months event AFTER you’ve completed the 16 week program AND you’ll get prio email access so you can get the support you need when you need it. If you did the first 8 weeks already, you’re totally welcome to continue with that added VIP support this time (it’s the only way to unlock the week 9-16 plan which is SO awesome). You’ll be soooo happy you decided on VIP this time and you’ll see how the coaching, accountability and organized setup we have will help your goals completely skyrocket!

Nope, this entire program is completely digital. Everything you need will be sent directly to you via email (and in some cases via text message if you’ve provided us with your phone number). The only thing you might need to get shipped physically is some workout equipment 🙂

Week 1-8 is a dumbbell only workout plan. Ideally you have 2-3 sets of dumbbells so you can progress as you get stronger. If you don’t have dumbbells but want to do the program, you can use water bottles or canned food or even water bottles filled up with mud. BUT, the goal here is to get STRONGER so in order to MAXIMIZE your progress in this program….find a way to get your hands on some dumbbells. We know you won’t let excuses get in the way of you finding solutions.

Week 9 – 16 includes dumbbells as well as resistance bands. After 8 weeks of using dumbbells it’s a great way to grow your home gym equipment and switch things up as your muscles start to adapt. This is a sure fire way to keep getting results and feeling great in your body!

Each workout in the 16 week plan is 45-60 minutes max (with warm up and cool down). They will take longer in the beginning as you get used to the format and exercises.

For those in VIP ALL ACCESS, you also have 20 BONUS 20-minute Quickie workouts which, of course, are 20 minutes long 🙂 These are great for those days you need a quickie 😉

Yes and No 🙂 There are how-to exercise videos for every single exercise in the plan, but the actual workouts you do on your own (they are not guided with a workout video). This is because it’s a plan designed to help you get stronger therefore repetitions and rest times are going to be unique to YOU depending on where you are fitness wise. That’s why VIP all access is so fantastic because you can connect with others and do your workouts together if you want or get that support when you need it to make sure you’re doing the workouts properly for you.

Think of it like a podcast that you listen to with coaching specifically created for this program. Audio that will coach, inspire, motivate and guide you through some of the common challenges you might face throughout the weeks and how to totally overcome them. As with a podcast, you can listen to it anytime, anywhere.

Audio coaching AND Customized Audio Coaching are reserved for those in VIP ALL ACCESS. Customized audio coaching is just like the name says. You get feedback that’s less “program general” and more “just for you!” You get 4 Customized audio coachings included in VIP ALL ACCESS. 

Weeks 9-16 are now only available exclusively to those in VIP ALL ACCESS. Join in to unlock all the tools and resources you’ll need to get strong AF INSIDE and OUT! <3 

It’s recommended 4-5 days per week. You get to start where you are and work your way from there.

YES, but only for those in VIP ALL ACCESS! The creator of the training plans, Ella Caggiano, has put together an amazing Nutrition Guide with literally EVERYTHING you need to know about nutrition, including a guide to help you dine out smart so you don’t have to miss out on fun social stuff even when you’re working on your goals.

This plan is for women of ALL LEVELS and designed to meet you where you are, and progress you safely to where you want to go. With that being said, if you’re a complete beginner there might be some challenges with some of the exercises if you don’t have a lot of coordination and experience with exercising on your own. HOWEVER, we are here for you and you can completely make it work for you. If you are a beginner, we HIGHLY recommend you sign up for VIP all access so that you can get more specific coaching to be sure you’re on the right track.

Ready to join us to get stronger together?

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